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promoting life-giving messaging

Green Leaf Ink


Green Leaf Ink introduces its first indie-published book (coming November 2022).


At Green Leaf Ink, we believe every author has a story to tell or a message to share. Our goal is to help make that a reality by helping independent authors achieve their publishing goals. 

With God by our side, all things are possible.


About Patricia 

Patricia spent most of her 34-year career writing for and leading a corporate department of writers, designers and A/V team.


Leaving her corporate job after almost 20 years to focus on family, she founded her own PR consulting firm and then combined talents with a colleague to launch a marketing/advertising firm.


Her writing and editing have transitioned from corporate PR and internal communications to advertising copy and marketing strategies, to material aimed at inspiring hope and encouragement. She has written devotions, led women’s bible studies and taught small group classes for much of her adult life.


A Northeast Louisiana University graduate, she received a bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a PR emphasis. Here she also served as an adjunct professor for one semester. Patricia earned the designation of Accredited Business Communicator (ABC), a credential program recognizing communicators who have reached a globally accepted standard of knowledge and proficiency in their chosen field, by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). She has served at the district and international levels.

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